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Incognito® Driver

Do you need a VIP driver for a day, a week, a month, or more? No problem.

Incognito® transports people to the right location in comfort, including politicians, CEOs, and other executives: we have a satisfied customer base which counts on our services time after time.

Our drivers, who are trained to operate a diverse range of vehicles, are experienced, punctual, flexible, discreet, efficient and, above all, focused on your needs.

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Incognito® Car & Driver

Are you looking for a driver to chauffeur VIPs, and an upmarket car to match?

Incognito® provides both, with professional service. Our drivers are punctual, flexible, discreet and experienced, while our elegant cars are equipped with the latest technology and every comfort on board. Ideal for both private and professional use; travel quietly and luxuriously to where you need to go with minimum delay.

Everything you need!

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Incognito® mobile meeting

You can make good use of your valuable time spent travelling in our vehicles to continue your work on meetings or other tasks. Our fleet includes a vehicle equipped with a conference table, Wi-Fi hotspot and other facilities that facilitate working on the move for you and your company.

Incognito® shuttle

Are you organising an event, and want to make life for your guests as easy as possible? Is it difficult to park near the venue where your event is being held? Is the reception to your evening event in a different location? We have the perfect solution.

Our drivers will shuttle your guests back and forth as often as necessary during your event to make sure everyone is where they need to be at the right time.

Incognito® secure

Do your goods deserve some extra care? Do they have to be delivered promptly, discreetly and in style, or under supervision? Is a standard courier too impersonal?

An experienced multilingual driver in one of our vehicles can take care of all this and more for you, anywhere in the world. 

Choose your journey and how you want to travel!

View our vehicles, and chose the one which best suits your needs.
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